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Black Inc Cycling Team

Black Inc Cycling Team - LaosBlack Inc Cycling Team

2016  »  Black Inc Cycling Team  (CT)

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About Us


100% Hand Built

For years our artisan wheel builders and engineers have been working on making a prestigious product that would make an impact on speed, performance and aerodynamics to surpass all other products on the market. Each Black Inc wheel is 100% hand built in our own factory, this is neither the fastest nor the least expensive way to make wheels but it is the right way. Black Inc wheels do not only work exceptionally in wind tunnels, they excel in every discipline from Ironman Triathlon to Club Rides, to Grand Tours. We can guarantee that every Black Inc component incorporates the philosophy of the Black Inc brand.

Advanced Materials

Black Inc is not simply an aluminum company or a carbon company, but a company dedicated to creating the world’s leading cycling components from hand picked premium materials to ensure performance, durability and quality. By owning our own factory Black Inc has full control over the processes involved in making our products from choosing on the highest quality materials to the final spoke, you can be reassured about our commitment to design, innovation, advanced materials, aesthetics and the continued pushing of limits by our artisan builders. 

Scientifically Fast And Race Proven

Black Inc wheels are fast. How do we know? Not only do we believe in the science behind the innovation of our wheels but we also have a highly skilled group of pilots who are some of the fastest men and women in the world, who tell us we have the fastest wheels across the entire spectrum out on the road. As well as science we believe in the importance of real world testing.

Perfectly Balanced

The perfect wheels is not just light, it is not the stiffest, nor is it the most aerodynamic. It is the ideal combination of all three, Black Inc continually strives to pushing the boundries to create the most well balanced premium wheel on the market across all three categories – the light climber, the all rounder and the lightweight aero wheel. 

Quality Guarantee

By owning our own factory and ensuring our wheels are 100% hand built by our artisan builders we can assure our customers that every single Black Inc wheel goes through strict control in order to meet our specific Black Inc standards. As well as having the ability to control what materials go into our wheels, what technologies we use, who builds our wheels and how they reach you. Owning our own factory means we have 100% control over the protocols our wheels go through before they reach the marketplace. We can guarantee you will never receive a wheel that has not reached our satisfaction, that is a promise not many of our competitors can give you. 



ONE Pro Cycling

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Co-founded by former England Cricketer Matt Prior, ONE Pro Cycling was officially launched in December 2014. After just twelve months and a successful debut season racing at Continental level, the team were ready to step up to the next level of the sport. Following a successful UCI application, ONE Pro Cycling have become the first British team to progress to Professional Continental level. With racing and performance at the centre of everything they do, the team have huge ambition and drive to progress in future to the biggest races in the cycling world.

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Team Virtu Pro – Veloconcept

COUNTRY: Denmark

Team Virtu Pro-Veloconcept emerged from the two teams Team TREFOR and Blue Water Cycling in late 2013. During the following seasons the joined team achieved great results both in national and in international races and in the last three seasons the riders has earned 14 Danish national championship medal, was voted best danish cycling team in 2015 and features current U23 Time Trial World Champion, Mads Wurtz Schmitz.

Team Virtu Pro-Veloconcept strives to become one of the best UCI-continental teams and develop the future stars of cycling. The team aims to be the best place for young danish riders to develop themselves and discover their potential. The organization of the team consist of dedicated DS and staff, who has a commen goal to help the riders achieved the best possible result in every race, they participate in.

NOR PRO CYCLING is the company behind Team Virtu Pro-Veloconcept, but the team still have its roots in Herning Cykle Klub and Trekantens Cykle Klub, where Blue Water Cycling and Team TREFOR originated.